Wendy Dewar Hughes

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wendyWendy Dewar Hughes is the author of Jill Moss Adventures, a romantic, action-adventure novel novel series set in contemporary times. She also writes sweet romance and inspirational non-fiction. Her fiction inspires and entertains readers with compelling plots, fascinating characters, and satisfying romance. Her page-turning fiction is fast-paced and exciting with sparks of humour where least expected.

Besides being a writer, Wendy is also a professional artist. She creates custom-designed book covers for her own books and her clients’ books and also licenses her art work to gift companies to apply to various products that are sold throughout the world.

Wendy Dewar Hughes is a book mentor and writing coach, at Summer Bay Press, where she offers coaching for writers, editing, custom cover designing, interior book design, and e-book formatting. She is the author of numerous ghost written books (where she does the writing for the author) as well as her own titles and she has helped many writers become published authors.

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