Wendy Dewar Hughes

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wendyWendy Dewar Hughes is the author of Jill Moss Adventures, a romantic, action-adventure novel novel series set in contemporary times. She also writes sweet romance and inspirational non-fiction. Her fiction inspires and entertains readers with compelling plots, fascinating characters, and satisfying romance. Her page-turning fiction is fast-paced and exciting with sparks of humour where least expected.

Besides being a writer, Wendy is also a professional artist. She creates custom-designed book covers for her own books and her clients’ books and also licenses her art work to gift companies to apply to various products that are sold throughout the world.

Wendy Dewar Hughes is a book mentor and writing coach, at Summer Bay Press, where she offers coaching for writers, editing, custom cover designing, interior book design, and e-book formatting. She is the author of numerous ghost written books (where she does the writing for the author) as well as her own titles and she has helped many writers become published authors.

One Hundred Nights by Wendy Dewar Hughes

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Our dreams at night can do many things. They can process our daily life, remind us of what we’ve eaten, awaken us in a cold sweat, reveal things about our lives, or send us messages from heaven. If you are someone who remembers your dreams upon waking, or thinks about them during the day, you may still miss what your dreams represent or what they are trying to tell you. Even if you think that you never dream, sleep experts claim that you do have dreams and that if you record those fleeting memories from your dreams upon waking, you will begin to remember them more and more. One Hundred Nights, A Dream Journal, provides a place for you to record your dreams before they evaporate into the light of day. By making quick notes of your dreams as soon as you can after waking, you can begin to see if there are patterns in your dreaming or if your soul is sending you a message. The Bible tells us that God speaks to us in dreams, perhaps because that’s the only time the noises of daily life are turned down enough for the messages to come through. In this book, each night’s pages provide spaces for you to write down what happened in one hundred dreams and asks questions to help you think about what your dream may mean in the larger context of your life.

Wendy Dewar Hughes Talks About Her New Book ~ One Hundred Nights

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platinum-mic-1079846-mListen to the recorded interview here:

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Joyce Brennan ~ Author of The Hidden Journal

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joyce-brennanAbout the Author
Joyce Brennan writes Romantic Suspense and Cozy Mysteries. She served as editor for a business school newspaper before embarking upon a career with American Airlines. She writes for a community newspaper and her short stories have been published in four anthologies.

She has completed two books of a Romantic Suspense trilogy, “THE WOMEN OF REXFORD, OLIVIA,” also a Christmas romance, “UNEXPECTED GIFT.” She is an active member of the Las Vegas Romance Writer’s, the Las Vegas Valley Writers, and The Henderson Writer’s Group. She gives presentations on writing and hosts a critique group. Joyce resides in Las Vegas, NV, with her husband, Tom and their two yorkies.

Her stories can be found at Snowy Creek Books
Find her at Joyce Brennan and www.joycebrennan.blogspot.com

Tina Games – Journaling by Moonlight

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JournalingByTheMoonlightCoverJournaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery

You’re a mother, but who are you really? The moon brings great comfort to mothers during challenging periods in their lives, particularly during a time when they’ve felt a loss of personal identity. Motherhood brings much joy, but it can also bring anxiety, depression and confusion. Working with the phases of the moon as a source for personal transformation, mothers who are challenged by the loss of personal identity are gently guided on a path of self-discovery. Using a variety of creative methods, including journal writing and visual collage techniques, this book allows for personal reflection with many opportunities to answer the question, “I’m a mother, but who am I really?” Designed as a workbook with a journaling format, the author shares her personal story while weaving in stories from other mothers. She also introduces moon sign astrology and moon folklore to lay the foundation for a spiritual, moonlit journey toward an authentic life filled with purpose, passion and creative expression. Embark on an intimate adventure of self-exploration – and discover your full moon.

“…a cornucopia of hope to women who find themselves spinning in circles in the dark, caught in the terror of being true to themselves while trying to take exquisite care of their little ones.” ~ Gail McMeekin

“…empowers women to tap into their authentic self and live their life to the fullest.” ~ Debbie LaChusa
“…allows mothers to explore themselves and become more of who they were meant to be. ” ~ Sheri McConnell
“…takes you by the hand and walks you through a process of moonlit journaling – a process which would benefit every mother!” ~ Ruth Folit “…enchanting, irresistible, and inviting for moms to reflect on a time of life they want to savor and survive.” ~ Jill Badonsky
“…a wise and gentle guide on my search for an authentic self.” ~ Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D.